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Long-Distance Buses (Coaches)


Long distance buses are known as "coaches" in the UK. The main operator is National Express, which covers England and Wales and parts of Scotland. The main routes in Herefordshire are:

  • Hereford - Ledbury/Ross - Gloucester - London (Heathrow) Airport - London
  • Aberdare - Pontrilas - Hereford - Ledbury - Worcester - Birmingham - Bradford
  • Haverfordwest - Swansea - Ross-on-Wye - Birmingham - Manchester

Most other areas of Great Britain can be reached by changing coaches at Gloucester, London, Birmingham or Manchester.

You should buy a ticket for your journey before travelling. This can be done at Hereford Country Bus Station, Gloucester Bus Station or ticket agents. If you have a credit or debit card you can buy tickets by telephone on 08705 808080. Use this number for timetable enquiries or to find out where the nearest ticket agent is.

If you have a credit or debit card you can buy tickets over the internet. To do this, or to check times and fares, visit

If you have not bought a ticket in advance you MAY be able to travel by paying the driver of the coach, but this will only be possible if there are empty seats on the coach and it may cost you more.

It is also possible to make international journeys by coach on the Eurolines network. For information, or to buy tickets with a credit or debit card, visit

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