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Emergency Services

In an emergency call 999 (or 112) for:

  • Fire and Rescue Service
    Call 999 if there is a fire. The attendance of the fire and rescue service at emergencies is free of charge.  Never make a false call - you risk the lives of others who really need help.  It is against the law and you can be traced immediately to the phone you are using.  If you would like to speak to the Fire Service about a non-urgent matter, such as organising a fire safety check, call 0800 032 1155.
  • Police
    You should call the Police if you have a car accident, if you are the victim of a crime, or witness a crime.  Police in the UK are responsible for keeping law and order.  They are not part of the army, and are independent from the Government.  Except when dealing with serious crimes, they do not carry guns.  999 is for emergencies only.  To make a non-urgent call or to report a crime, call 0300 333 3000.
  • Ambulance
    Call an ambulance on 999 if someone is seriously ill, or if you witness an incident where someone is hurt, and they are unable to get to hospital by themselves.
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Cave Rescue
  • Coastguard

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To make an emergency call:

  • Dial 999 (or 112)
  • Tell the operator which emergency service you need
  • The operator will then connect you
  • Give information asked for

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