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Social and Affordable Housing

What is social/affordable housing?

“Social” or “affordable” housing is housing which is low cost or subsidised, and is available to people who cannot afford to rent or buy houses generally available on the open market. This type of housing is provided by Housing Associations within the county of Herefordshire. It is important to note that there are currently over 5,000 people on the waiting list for housing in Herefordshire, with approximately only 19 properties becoming available each week.  Housing is allocated according to needs and there are a large number of high priority applicants already awaiting re-housing.

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Can you register for social/affordable housing?

This will depend on your immigration status. It is essential that you check your status, as it may not qualify you to live here or give you the right to access the Social Housing register.

If you are currently outside the UK, you should contact your nearest British diplomatic post for detailed advice about your rights to living and housing in the UK. Contact details for all overseas posts are available from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

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How to register for social housing

To register for Social Housing, or to ask about eligibility, you will need to contact an agency called 'Home Point' at:

Home Point Herefordshire
135 Eign Street

Telephone: 01432 359 500
Fax: 01432 358 095

How to apply for a home in Herefordshire.
To help you understand how Home Point works, a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers is listed here.

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