Are you Homeless?


In some circumstances, the council has a duty to house the homeless. This will depend on a number of factors including your immigration status. If you are currently within the UK and are not a UK national, please contact the Immigration and Nationality Directorate for further advice.

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Are you eligible for assistance?

If your immigration status is such that you are not entitled to public funds such as welfare benefits, then you will not be eligible for any assistance even if you are homeless. The only duty that the council will have in this situation is to provide advice.

Please note that the Homelessness Officer will investigate how you came to lose your previous accommodation. The outcome of those investigations could mean that the Council do not have a duty to find you accommodation.

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No rights to public funds

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Herefordshire Council is committed wherever possible to preventing you becoming homeless. If you need to approach the Council because you think you will be homeless, you will initially speak to an Options Officer to assess whether homelessness can be prevented. If appropriate you would then be referred onto a Homelessness Prevention Officer to provide ongoing assistance and advice to prevent as far as possible your homelessness.

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Contact the Prevention and Homelessness Team

If you would like further information or advice, please contact the Prevention and Homelessness Team at Herefordshire Council:

Franklin House
4 Commercial Road

Telephone: 01432 261600

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