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Most people underestimate the dangers of smoking.  People often start when they are young, when health problems can seem a long way off.  As soon as you start smoking, you’re more likely to suffer from minor illnesses and, of course, you’re dramatically increasing the risk of serious disease later in life.

  • Smoking is the biggest single cause of ill health and premature death in the UK
  • Over 80% of all lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking
  • Smoking kills 106,000 people each year in the UK
  • Smokers have a 1 in 2 risk of becoming ill and dying early from smoking
  • 13 people die each hour because of smoking

Yes, you can stop and we can help!

Giving up smoking could be the single most important thing you can do for your health.  This can be a tough challenge and you may have tried previously to quit and not succeeded.

So if you’re thinking about giving up, contact the Herefordshire Stop Smoking Service for friendly help, advice and support. On 01432 383567 or e-mail

Interpreting can be arranged if required.

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