Herefordshire Carers Support

Are you a Carer – do you look after a relative, friend or neighbour who because of illness, disability or the effects of age simply could not manage at home without your help?

Caring for someone can be very rewarding. But even if you willingly take on the task it’s still hard work!!

You will have times when there is too much to do. Not enough time to do everything. Not enough money. No social life or time for yourself. And not enough sleep or relaxation.

At times like these you probably think you are all alone and no one else has these problems.  In fact you’d be wrong.  In Herefordshire there are over 17,000 people in exactly this position. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved and by meeting others with similar experiences and problems, learning how they cope and where to get help will help you get more out of life both for the person you care for and for yourself.

Herefordshire Carers Support is a registered charity providing practical support and advice to carers in the county.

If you register as a Carer then we can provide you with the support you need through:

• Signposting to a wide variety of other services
• Access to our Carers group meetings
• Involvement with developing services
• Our Emergency Card Scheme
• A regular Newsletter
• Young Carers Scheme
• Respite break scheme
• Social events and outings
• Access to our support workers – there to listen, give support and practical advice

Herefordshire Carers Support
Canal Road
Tel.: 01432 356068

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